Educational stages

Infant Education

Primary Education

Secondary Education


Primary Education

The basic aim of this stage is to provide the pupils with good basic skills and instrumental and cross-curricular learning, all of which help the development of cognitive, motor and social skills.

Primary education involves an integral education for the children within the educational curricular framework set by the LOE for Primary Education.

Primary education is the stage which includes children from 6 to 12 years of age:

English continues to be the main language used to teach all the subject areas except Catalan and Spanish. French is introduced at the end of Primary.

Primary Education in Saint George’s School creates the tools, resources and methods required to develop a strong personal and academic foundation, necessary in order to consolidate further studies.

The methodology is based on individual, group and course work, as well as research investigation, encouraging curiosity and experimentation and estimation towards a global outlook carried out in every day work and in various cross-curricular projects using new technology.