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The objective of this educational stage is to provide the students with training, intellectual and social maturity, knowledge and abilities which will permit personal development and the successful transition to higher education or employment.

The sixth form is a 2 year course for students aged 16 to 18. It is structured in one cycle of three modules of which Saint George’s School offers the following two:

The sixth form implies intense academic preparation providing a sound base for independent learning and continuous training in employment.

Not only do we aspire to help train young people who can adapt to a changing, modern society but we also encourage the development of critical thinking combined with personal maturity.
Responsibility on both a personal and community level are also important facets of our philosophy through which we encourage a civic and ethical spirit in the students and promote the democratic values necessary in our diverse, modern society.

Our sixth form aims to provide the students to access whichever higher education courses they require to continue their chosen career path providing them with the ability to succeed both on an academic and a professional level.

Our Final University Access results are amongst the best of the schools in Catalonia.