Saint George’s School is a private non-funded educational institution. It is located in Fornells de la Selva, five minutes from the centre of Girona in a pleasant rural area.

It was founded in 1988 with the objective of offering qualitative bilingual education, where the English language is used in all the subjects taught throughout the school. The teaching imparted throughout the centre follows the LOE’s (Legal Obligatory Education) educational system from which the Infant, Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate Education is established in Catalonia.

    Our pedagogy is based on:
  • The education of the pupil in all areas of personal and academic development.
  • The emotional development of the pupil where personal objectives are set working alongside the family.
  • The development of work habits to stimulate effort and aid the acquisition of capabilities and strategies.
  • The pupil as an active agent and the teachers as mediators and guides in the acquisition of knowledge.
  • A methodology which encourages team work, autonomy and a sense of responsibility.
  • A system of values geared towards the development of pupils with initiative, respect for rights and basic freedom which prepares them to actively and critically participate in both the social and cultural aspects of life.
  • The stimulation of different artistic, musical and sporting abilities together with cross curricular and complementary areas of education our pupils must encounter in order to embark on a healthy life which is culturally enriching.
  • Advanced information and communication technology Interactive white boards have been installed in each class, combined with well equipped I.T. rooms at every educational stage.

Music, art and sports: act as complementary elements of the pupil’s academic education, working on the development of the abilities needed to carry out the following two processes: the perception of artistic music and movement, and of the expression of feelings and ideas through these mediums.

  • Musical Education: This is considered an integral part of education. The aim is to teach music to the pupils by developing the capacity of active listening and personal interpretation. Learning is achieved through 3 sources: voice, instrumental practice and dance.
  • Art and craft: knowledge and interpretation of images is designed to stimulate the pupils’ creativity and the interpretation of pictures and images is used as a means of communication.
  • Physical education and sport: this is developed through different areas (body co-ordination, swimming, gym and different sports). It encourages a holistic education for the pupils through movement and sports practice.

Saint George’s benefits from a Department of Orientation and Diagnosis made up of a psychologist and a speech therapist who attend to the needs of our pupils, helping them to discover and develop their intellectual and emotional capacities and to accept their personal qualities and limitations in order to reach their maximum potential.

  • Evaluating the abilities of pupils both within the group and individually and attending to the various problems which may arise at the different stages of their schooling.
  • Suggest proposals of a psychological nature while working with form tutors and the pupils’ families.
  • Assist the pupils with specific educational needs in order to enable them to receive the educational and pedagogic attention they require, tailored to their specific needs the moment they are detected and evaluated.
  • We provide our pupils with career guidance and preparation for University.

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