English Linguistic Programme

Saint George’s School is an international school open to any child of school age. The pupils are educated in two cultures: the Catalonian culture and the English culture, thus broadening their horizons through wider cultural exposure whilst enriching their knowledge which will help prepare them both personally and professionally for the future.

Our pupils learn and live with the English language, not as a foreign language but as a language used in the teaching-learning process. In order to encourage language acquisition we use a system of immersion into the English language where the class teacher is always a native English speaker.

Saint George’s linguistic programme is distributed as follows:

Infant Level

Saint George’s School applies a system of complete linguistic immersion where the child lives and learns English in the following areas: discovery of ourselves and those around us, nature study, communication and languages. This immersion is carried out throughout the school day with the exception of one Catalan language class.

Primary Level

At this stage all subject areas are taught in English except for the Catalan language itself. Spanish language is introduced from the first year of Primary and is taught for the same number of hours as Catalan.

French is introduced in the Upper Cycle of Primary Education.

Secondary Level

In the first cycle of Secondary education we continue using the language system established in Primary. In the second cycle additional subjects are also taught in Catalan in order to prepare the pupils for their further education in Catalonia.

French continues to be taught throughout Secondary Education.

Sixth Form –Baccalaureate

The subjects taught in English at this stage are English language and literature and a choice from the optional subjects offered. All other subjects are taught in Catalan. Catalan, Spanish and French continue to be given as language subjects.

Throughout the various educational stages Saint George’s School prepares the pupils for the UCLES exams. UCLES is a delegation of The Linguistsic Examiners Association of Europe (ALTE). The qualifications gained by the pupils are internationally recognized as the most prestigious English language certificates. These exams are based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and provide information of a candidate's performance in each of the four skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

    Primary Exams:
  • Primary 2: Starters
  • Primary 4: Movers
  • Primary 5: Flyers
  • Primary 6: KET (Key English Test) - A2 (Level on CEFR)
    Secondary and Sixth Form Exams:
  • Secondary 1: PET (Preliminary English Test) - B1 (Level on CEFR)
  • Secondary 2 or 3: FCE (First Certificate in English) - B2 (Level on CEFR)
  • Secondary 3, 4 or Sixth Form: CAE (The Certificate in Advanced English) - C1 (Level on CEFR)
  • Secondary 4 or Sixth Form: CPE (The Certificate of Proficiency in English) - C2 (Level on CEFR)

In the lower Sixth Form the students take the Spanish Official Language School advanced exam as well as French exams at levels B1 and B2. When these higher qualifications are taken depends on the ability of the individual student.

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