In addition to providing formal education according to the curricular subjects our centre also offers complementary activities which encourage the development of social and cultural values which fully prepare the student for later life.

Throughout the school year the following activities have been scheduled:


  • CELEBRATIONS AND TRADITIONS: We recognise both Catalan and English celebrations throughout the year. These include: Halloween, Castanyada, Father Christmas, Tió, Carnival, Sant Jordi, Jocs Florals and The English Literary Prize.

  • THEATRE:The children from Infants 3, Primary 2, 4, 6 and Sixth Form students always have the opportunity to attend theatrical productions during the school year.
  • SPECIAL DAYS: Throughout the school year we also dedicate a few days to more specific topics. For instance: Maths Day, Sports Day, Cultural Week, The Music Competition, Talent Contest and Science day.
  • TARGETS: We try to instil good values, teach the students to become not only good students but more importantly, tolerant and understanding members of society. These different values are taught by setting monthly targets.
  • PROJECTS: During the school year, the different year groups work on various cross-curricular projects.
  • TALKS AND CONFERENCES: We organize various talks and conferences throughout the school year relating to themes studied by different year groups and adapted to their interests and educational level.

  • TRIPS AND OUTINGS: Once a term, all the pupils go on a trip to enrich their cultural knowledge. Often there are also more specific cultural and informative visits depending on local activities.
  • CAMP VISITS: The Infant and Primary pupils go to our camp, Mas Llop Activity Camp(Caldes de Malavella) in the third term. This trip allows the children to develop there interpersonal skills through the educational activities, sports and other outdoor activities.
  • CAMP ACTIVITY: Secondary 1 and 2 students enjoy a 3 day visit to our Activity Camp, Mas Llop (Caldes de Malavella). This stay involves working on the objectives of various subjects based on a general theme.
  • END OF SECONDARY TRIP: At the end of the Secondary 4 stage the students enjoy a trip together to Paris or London accompanied by their teachers.
  • SIXTH FORM INFORMATION DAY: At the beginning of the school year, the Sixth Form students spend a few days together at our Mas Llop Activity Camp (Caldes de Malavella) where they are taught to acquire strategies which will help them to prepare for Sixth Form studies.

  • CAREERS ADVICE: The school offers a programme of activities which includes visits to various universities and conferences held here in the school which inform our pupils of the different professional options and courses available at national universities.
  • TRIP TO ENGLAND: Every two years, children from Primary 4, 5 and 6 have the opportunity to spend two weeks in July on the Isle of Wight accompanied by their teachers, practising English through a variety of activities and cultural visits.
  • SUMMER SCHOOL: At the end of the school year we offer a Summer School for the month of July where children from Nursery, Infants and Primary have the opportunity to do some revision work and combine this with fun, games and sports.


  • INFORMATIVE MEETINGS FOR NEW CHILDREN: In the month of July there is an informative meeting for parents of children of 1, 2 and 3 years of age who are due to start St George’s School the following September.
  • INFORMATIVE ANNUAL MEETINGS: At the beginning of the school year, during September and October, there is an educational meeting for each class group where the school year schedule is presented to parents. Educational objectives are explained along with the most important aspects and activities of the coming year.
  • INFORMATIVE MEETINGS FOR TRANSITION THROUGH DIFFERENT STAGES OF SCHOOLING: During the school year parents of children finishing one stage of the school are invited to a meeting to introduce the next stage (Infants, Primary or Secondary).
  • CONFERENCES: Every year the school organizes a series of conferences for parents relevant to specific age groups.
  • FESTIVALS/CONCERTS: Infants and Primary prepare a Christmas Concert for parents and family on alternate years.

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